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IBEF’s role : promote bitumen emulsions

IBEF’s role is to promote the use of bitumen emulsions:

  • By leading a community of associations and companies that represent bitumen emulsions around the world
  • By sharing a variety of sector news: international conventions, one-off events, trade fairs, technical publications and specialist works
  • By making publications, technical reports and references of specialist works available (cards)
Route avec revêtement de bitume neuf


The IBEF (International Bitumen Emulsion Federation) connects bitumen emulsion producers through their national associations and…


IBEF governance is organized around its Board of Directors and the General Assembly which meet at least once a year and the Executive Committee which holds meetings every 2 months.


IBEF promotes exchanges between members on bitumen emulsion techniques.


Find information made available by active contributions of IBEF members

Bitumen emulsions

There are numerous advantages of bitumen emulsions for sustainably preserving roads: economical, durable coatings, fast installation, in situ recycling, low emmisions and reducing CO2 emissions.

More than 8 million tons of bitumen emulsions are used each year to build or maintain roads around the world.


The emulsion technique is “universal”, justifying its use under very varied environments: it can be used everywhere, whatever the economic conditions, under all type of climate and virtually any type of traffic. It adapts well to a wide variety of materials.


Bitumen emulsions are both used for pavement maintenance and in their construction.


There are two main families of bitumen emulsions: spraying emulsions and coating emulsions

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IBEF collects, through its network, information related to the use of bitumen emulsions globally.

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