Asphalt Institute of East Africa

Asphalt Institute of East Africa

AIEA main objective is to see advancement of Bitumen technology in East Africa and hopefully in the rest of Africa through:

  1. Training to Engineers, Technicians and Consultants
  2. Consultancy to Government (specifications and standards) and Manufacturers (Advance products)
  3. Research and Development (To setup a pavement design lab in Kenya and Emulsion Research Lab to support advance products)

 My current technology is introduction to PME for use in surface dressing in Rural Roads in Kenya, I am shortly be working with Akzo Nobel in Kenya to introduce Microsurfacing opportunity for National Highways Authority. Slurry Seal has been low due to lack of support systems to government, I hope that this can also gain mileage through AIEA.

On manufacturing, AIEA is working with Local Manufacturers on Bituminous Materials to improve their systems to manufacture of PMB and be able to do Emulsified PMB. Reason being that Government of Kenya launched the 10,000km program for Low Volume roads and Engineers are challenged at using hot binder in remote Kenya, Emulsion will certainly solve this.

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