VIALAB is a French company specialized in the field of bitumen emulsions and has four main activities:

• Selection and distribution of labware dedicated for study of emulsion parameters. We propose a selection of equipment to the bitumen emulsion producer in order to allow them characterizing emulsion with regard to NF EN 13808 in Europe, and ASTM or local regulations elsewhere. More than a dealer of equipment, VIALAB makes the commissioning of equipment (when required) and trains the local teams to test and good laboratory practices.

• Lifelong training : since emulsion projects need qualified people to succeed, VIALAB realize trainings on bitumen emulsions technologies in France and abroad. The aim is to provide the basics or specific skills needed by the customers. Recently, VIALAB obtained its own registration number allowing performing Continuous Professional Training. In a near future, several training modules dedicated to cold technologies will be proposed to operators as well as to managerial staff.

• VIALAB has constituted a network of French experts in order to concentrate the main French know-how in the field of emulsion. These experts will be consulted according to the client’s needs and to their specific skills. The aim of VIALAB is not only to provide customers with punctual expertise but also with sustainable support.

• The fourth activity of VIALAB is its evaluation laboratory. This laboratory is equipped with a laboratory bitumen emulsion production unit that allows us producing small batches of emulsions and to characterize them according the NF EN 13808. The laboratory is functions as a contract research organization. But this laboratory is also used as a technical platform for training, as well as a research laboratory. Indeed, VIALAB will start research programs on bitumen emulsion in order to improve the general knowledge.

Vincent HESRY
General Manager
P.A. Le Hindré 3
325, rue du Pré Miel
35310 Bréal sous Montfort
Office: +33 (0)2 99 54 33 28
Port: +33 (0)6 26 56 65 49

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