Everyone’s experiences, technology progress, conferences and meetings are all topics shared for the best practice of bitumen emulsions. This is input collected from manufacturers, users, specifiers and contracting authorities.

Bituroad 2022 Venue CHANGED

We monitor the pandemic closely, and we have firmly reached the conclusion that we could carry on holding the conference in person, so that everybody can explore the full potentials…

AfPA Australia to phase out hydrocarbon cutters

AfPA Australia to phase out hydrocarbon cutters

ISAET ’21 – 7th International Symposium on Asphalt Emulsion Technology

We hope you found it to be an informative and valuable event. PDF versions of each of the presentations are now available. Please click on the presentation title below to…

XI Congreso Mexicano del Asfalto

The XI Congress of AMAAC was held on October 27-28-29, 2021 in Cancun, Mexico. Link to the website https://memorias.diplomadosamaac.site/ Click on the presentations to read them **