The global Corona virus pandemic has limited or stopped people movements and reduced industrial production; as a consequence, the energy consumption was reduced and the transition to other energy forms was encouraged.

The petroleum majors have decided to adapt themselves to the new scenario and think to evolve towards the production of renewable energies. The drop of the energy demand (more than 30%) and the uncertainty of the future caused the shutdown of many industrial units and the losses of many jobs. Following the reports of the speakers of many petroleum majors, renewable energies (mostly sun and wind) will be the major energy sources, starting from 2040.

In Europe, the bitumen industry has gone through quite a different scenario: demand for road bitumen has recovered after the (first) lockdown and in Italy has increased. In spite of the future de-carbonization, the refiners will pay special attention to bitumen and in some cases, they will try to specialize in such production, which can produce economic advantages.

For the next future we do not see any problems in general global availability of bitumen. However, a lack of balance in different areas could be possible. The bitumen quality in the future is a more complex and debated question.

For the long term, the forecast is less clear, and it will depend on the path followed by the refining sector to reorganize its production.