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Les spécialistes de l’industrie, du monde académique, des administrations routières communiquent régulièrement au travers la presse spécialisée, les réseaux sociaux, les congrès et autres tribunes à large audience. Ces publications sont autant d’informations permettant aux professionnels de développer les bons usages des émulsions de bitume


The uncertain future of refineries and fossil energies: impact on the road industry

Carlo Giavarini IBEF’S member Professor of Petroleum Technology and Industrial Chemical Processes, works now for the Italian Public Works Ministry (Consiglio Superiore Lavori Pubblici) as an expert on Gas, Petroleum…

Update of the Safety Guide for binder plants & actions after covid-19 to relaunch calls for ten

Brice Delaporte is Deputy Director of Technical Affairs at Routes de France. He is involved in the SFERB which is the French Federation of emulsion manufacturers and techniques. He is…

Results of the 2017 – 2019 Worlwide survey

Étienne le Bouteiller graduated as Civil Engineer in 1975 in Paris. Then he obtained a master degree in Engineering Geology in 1976, also in Paris. Retired in 2016, Étienne is…

Use of modified emulsions for surface dressing in the UK

Gary Schofield is currently Technical Director for Total in the UK and has held many different positions within the company since he joined the industry in 1983. He was privileged…

Latest improvements in the use of emulsion in Mexico

Rosita Martinez is the Technical Manager of Ergon Asfaltos Mexico and coordinates the Mexican Asphalt Association (AMAAC) Emulsions Committee. She earned her bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from the Benemerita Universidad…

Latest Developments in emulsions in South Africa

Morne Labuschagne holds a Chemical Engineering qualification and started his career in Colas South Africa’s Central Laboratory in Cape Town during 2004. He spent 14 years testing, evaluating and developing…

Half-warm mixes using emulsions

Nuria Uguet Canal is currently the Technical Director of Eurovia Management Spain, where she has developed her entire professional career. In addition, she is the current President of the Technical…

Design and performance of fog seals

Kevin McGlumphy is Director of Materials & Research. His current responsibilities include Technical team leadership of Asphalt Formulation, Emulsion Formulation, and New Product Evaluation and Design; He presents us today:

Promotional materials for the development of the use of bitumen emulsions

Dawid Żymełka IBEF’member – has been cooperating with the Polish Asphalt Pavement Association (PAPA) since 2017. He presents us today

Overview from Australia on the use of emulsion

Anna joined AfPA in 2019 as Executive Director Technology and Leadership after having worked for 10 years in New Zealand for AfPA members and previously in Italy. She has a…

SABITA Manuel N° 2

Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que le manuel Sabita N° 2 – Produits bitumineux pour la construction et l’entretien des routes est maintenant disponible en téléchargement voir ci-dessous :…

Des coûts d’entretien diminués d’un quart grâce aux techniques à l’émulsion





A Guideline for the Design and Construction of Bitumen Emulsion and
Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Materials

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Entretien des routes et voiries : Pérenniser un patrimoine exceptionnel

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