El 16 de diciembre de 2022, el IBEF organizó un seminario web con expertos que presentaron el tema: “Upstream of Bitumen emulsion: Chemistry, Equipment, R and D”.

El programa:

  1. Solutions and technologies – Emulsion production
    Jérémie Vandorme – Fayat

  2. Mill factor contribution to particle size and distribution, a field study
    Martin Pieper – Buckau Wolf

  3. Evolution of characterization methods for road emulsions | Photo centrifugation
    Antonin Richard – Vialab

  4. The impact of chemicals on the behaviour of bitumen emulsions on site: Addressing bitumen variability issue for rapid setting cationic emulsions by playing with emulsifiers and (or) additives
    Abdeltif Belkahia – Arkema

  5. Bitumen emulsifier chemistry and its impact on Performance
    Aaron Walker – Ingevity

  6. Benefits of Polymer Modified Emulsion in Pavement Preservation
    Arlis Kadrmas – BASF

  7. Developing Laboratory Methods and Specifications to Test Tack Coat Materials
    Rita Nasr – Nevada University

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