Manufacturing a Grave Emulsion consists of mixing a well defined quantity of bitumen emulsion into a specific graded aggregate to give it cohesion which it lacks naturally without a binder.

Grave Emulsion has its own characteristics:

  • resistance to rutting by preserving internal friction of the mineral aggregates,
  • flexibility to adapt to deformations in the foundation layers,
  • possibility for bevel reshaping with level crossing,
  • prevent cracking from below,
  • storability.

Grave Emulsion is used for small maintenance, reprofiling, reinforcement and in new road bases. It is particularly competitive at paving sites remote from fixed asphalt mixing plants and when the paving quantities required do not justify moving in a mobile asphalt plant.

Grave Emulsion production takes place in cold mix plants comprising:

  • storage and dosing equipment for the different components,
  • equipment for handling these components,
  • mixing device, kneader type with horizontal axes.

The production units can be fixed or mobile, to allow optimisation of transport distances of the raw materials (aggregates and finished product).

The Grave Emulsion can be stored either at the place of production or at the place of use.

The Grave Emulsion is applied by the paver or grader. Installation may be performed under traffic. A sealing layer is applied on the surface to withstand shear forces from traffic. After curing the Grave Emulsion is covered by a wear course.