There are two main families of bitumen emulsions : spraying emulsions and coating emulsions.

Spraying emulsions

Surface Dressings

Surface dressing is a thin surface treatment consisting of successive layers of bitumen emulsion and aggregates.


Bonding of successive pavement layers safeguards the structural integrity of the entire pavement.

Other Spraying emulsions

Spraying emulsions are also used for a wide variety of applications: fog seals, scrub seals and many others.

Cure and Seal

The curing layer is used to protect road layers made with, for example, hydraulically treated/ bound materials or Grave Emulsion mixtures


Impregnation consists of introducing a bituminous binder into a previously compacted but untreated road surface. The binder is allowed to penetrate into the pavement surface to stabilize fines and turn the upper part into a hydrophobic layer several millimeters thick.

Coating emulsions

Micro Surfacing

Cold mix application including slurry seals and microsurfacing

Storable Asphalt Mixes

Storable asphalt mixes are intended for the routine maintenance of pavements (localized repair, patch work etc.) or for small works.

Grave Emulsion

Grave Emulsion is used for small maintenance, reprofiling, reinforcement and in new road bases.

Asphalt concrete with bitumen emulsions

Asphalt concrete with bitumen emulsion for wearing courses

Recycling with bitumen emulsions

Recycling with bitumen emulsions, in for example an asphalt plant or a Grave Emulsion type plant, consists of treatingmilled and screened asphalt planingsmaterials obtained from the demolition ofold pavement layers.