Storable asphalt mixes made emulsions usually consist of an open or semi-dense graded asphalt mix with a bitumen emulsion. The design is adapted to the desired storage time. Like cold mix asphalt concrete using bitumen emulsion, many are produced using proprietary processes.

They are intended for the routine maintenance of pavements (localized repair, patch work, trench filling, pothole repair or re-instatements etc.) or for small works; they do not play a structural role.

Once applied on site, properties evolve, as a result of the evaporation of volatile fractions and/orevacuation of the water: these phenomena are accompanied by a compaction of the asphalt mix with an increase of its mechanical resistance.

Given higher initial void contents of these emulsion based mixes, binder – aggregate adhesion must be specially considered.
For specific cases, like filling potholes and localized repairs, the “projected” cold asphalt mixes technique can be applied.