The IBEF (International Bitumen Emulsion Federation) connects bitumen emulsion producers through their national associations and partners.


“ Why IBEF ?”

Each year, more than 8 million tons of bitumen emulsion are produced worldwide, accounting for nearly 10% of global bitumen consumption.


Punctual repair, structural maintenance, surface maintenance …, bitumen emulsion techniques meet the needs to sustainably preserve streets and roads. They are energy efficient and limit greenhouse gas emissions.


IBEF is the recognized international reference for the improvement of techniques and sharing of information on bitumen emulsions.


” The IBEF, exchange forum”

  • Promote the use of bitumen emulsions worldwide
  • Study the promotions in producing countries and disseminates them for the benefit of all
  • Exchange technical information on bitumen emulsions, in particular on the manufacture and use of bituminous binders
  • Exchange standardization information
  • Exchange safety standards information
  • Organize periodically global technical symposium on bitumen emulsions


  • Create, expand and strengthen the community to develop knowledge of bitumen emulsion techniques
  • Develop the connections between the different organizations with similar visions, especially:
    • industry-related associations: AI, ALA, ASEFMA, ARRA, EAPA, EB, FP2, ISSA, NCPP, RSTA
    • Road organizations: PIARC, ERF, CILA, …
  • Encourage IBEF members to disseminate IBEF messages at local / regional level
  • Develop a proactive and strong virtual network between members and partners
  • Seize the opportunity to transfer members’ knowledge on best practices, experiences and specific skills to help develop the industry as a whole and create a market environment encouraging future growth


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