The Southern African Bitumen Association, established in 1979, is a non-profit organization representing asphalt producers and applicators, consulting engineers and educational institutions. Its main activities focus on promoting best practices in Southern Africa in the following areas :

  • Use and application of bituminous materials;
  • In worker safety and environmental conservation;
  • Education and formation;
  • Contact with the government on the value of supply and preservation of roads.

Sabita places emphasis on engaging with stakeholders, particularly government, with regard to the need to maintain and improve roads infrastructure and to create sustainable jobs. It interacts with all levels of government on these matters and through its member led programmes, strives to maintain the Industry’s technical standards and know-how, at the best levels that the world has to offer. In addition, it strongly advocates sustainable practices in the quest to maintain the country’s most valuable infrastructure asset – the backbone of service delivery.


Philip Hendricks

Chief Executive Officer
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