China Emulsified Asphalt Society was first introduced in 1987 under the Road Engineering Branch of the China Highway and Highway Society under the Emulsified Asphalt Group, and began to carry out academic exchanges, training and other activities. The Chinese government then changed policies related to organizations and the Emulsified Asphalt Group was dissolved by the China Highway and Highway Society. In 2020, due to the passing of the original organizer, Zeng Yun led the meeting involving major emulsified asphalt-related enterprises in Xi’an and decided to continue to carry out the emulsified asphalt technical exchange activities by establishing the China Emulsified Asphalt Association (CEAA) which has an organizational committee and a technical committee under it,. CEAA is operating under a limited company located in Beijing to comply with the Chinese government’s regulations on the management of group organizations.


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