BASF Corp. – a subsidiary – of BASF SE – The chemicals company – has been involved for more than 30 years in the modification of bitumen emulsions. We have a production plant in Chattanooga / Tennesee for SBR = Butonal. In recent years, we have gained a lot of market share in cold mixed emulsions with our Butonal NS 198 / Nx 4190 and have invested in this sector.

Our clients include companies such as Colas, Eurovia, Bitunova and we consider ourselves to be an important player in the modification of the emulsion. Our American colleagues are members of ISSA and others. BTC is an associate member of the German group Emulsionverband FSB, as well as the EAPA, DAV / DAI.

Our goal is to contribute, through our Charlotte / NC research and development department, to the continuous development of products for the bitumen emulsion industries, such as our new product Butonal NX 4190 with a network of crosslinking or our new layer of Acronal NX 4627 protection, as well as underlining. through eco-efficiency, analyzes some positive effects of asphalt emulsions. We do this in cooperation with universities and institutions around the world. we publish a lot of scientific work in our industry.

We work worldwide in our BASF community while BTC Europe GmbH is responsible for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. BTC itself is a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF and distributes only BASF products. We have an extensive network of BTC companies across Europe



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