Polish Asphalt Pavement Association (PAPA) is an organization of road surfacing contractors, producers of bituminous mixes, bitumen, bitumen emulsion and manufacturers of chemicals for the construction of roads and road equipment.

The association was founded in 1999 in Warsaw. It is involved in activities related to the promotion of asphalt pavements in road construction. This activity is carried out through: press publications, the organization of conferences, cooperation with the scientific community, training and debates on the problems of road construction in Poland.

PAPA currently has 3 committees:

  • Emulsion Committee
  • Committee for the promotion of technologies
  • Recycling committee

The emulsion committee operating at PAPA was created in 2006. The main objective of its activities at the time was to translate the standards on bituminous emulsions into Polish and to apply them.

The Commission was reactivated in 2018. It is currently participating in the preparation of information promoting emulsion technologies and in the preparation of technical documents.


Andrzej Wyszyński


Adam Wojczuk

Member of the Board

Dawid Żymełka

Coordinator of Emulsion Commission