First in France to produce 100% green cationic surfactants on an industrial scale.

SurfactGreen is an SME that produces sustainable, solvent-free and easily biodegradable emulsifiers for bitumen emulsion spray applications, applying the 12 principles of green chemistry at every stage of the development and manufacturing process.

SurfactGreen’s EmulGreen biobased emulsifiers have below-standard toxicity and ecotoxicity levels, our manufacturing process produces less waste and is better for the environment than conventional products, with similar performance and versatility to standard amine emulsifiers used in the industry.


Xavier Roussel

Chief Executive Officer


Business Developer Industries
  • SurfactGreen SAS

11 allée de Beaulieu – CS50837
35708 Rennes cedex 7
* Cell: +33 6 49 84 22 71