VIALAB is a French company specialized in the field of bitumen emulsions and has four main activities:

  • Selection and distribution of laboratory equipment dedicated to the study of emulsion parameters. We offer a selection of equipment to the producer of bitumen emulsions to enable them to characterize emulsions in terms of the NF EN 13808 standard in Europe and the ASTM or local regulations elsewhere.
  • Lifelong training: since emulsion projects require qualified people to succeed, VIALAB organizes training courses on bitumen emulsion technologies in France and abroad.
  • VIALAB has established a network of French experts to concentrate the main French know-how in the field of emulsions. These experts will be consulted according to the needs of the client and their specific skills.
  • The fourth activity of VIALAB is its evaluation laboratory. This laboratory is equipped with a bitumen emulsion laboratory production unit that allows us to produce small batches of emulsions and to characterize them according to standard NF EN 13808.


Vincent HESRY

General Manager
  • P.A. Le Hindré 3
    325 rue du Pré Miel
    35310 Bréal sous Montfort
  • Office: +33 (0)2 99 54 33 28
  • Port: +33 (0)6 26 56 65 49