The Case for Surface Dressing

A new campaign aimed at promoting the benefits of surface dressing as part of a proactive highways maintenance strategy has been launched by the Road Emulsion Association (REA) and the…

SFERB – Bitumen emulsions

SFERB Bitumen Emulsions



Importance of Interlayer Bonding in Asphalt structures

It is widely known and accepted that Bond Coats are a key component in the construction and maintenance of highway pavements. The application of bond coats provides secured structural binding…

Abstract Update of the Safety Guide for binder plants & actions after covid-19 to relaunch calls for tenders – Brice Delaporte

Brice DELAPORTE – Routes de France – The first part of the presentation is an overview of the update of the French safety guide for binders plants. It provides plant…

Abstract: Developments in emulsions in South Africa – Morne LABUSCHAGNE

Morne LABUSCHAGNE – Much Asphalt – Latest Developments in emulsions in South Africa The Double Spray bar system comprises of a binder distributor equipped with a primary- as well as…

Bond coating

The Benefits of Surface Dressing – by REA

This video shows the benefits of the Surface Dressing process which includes, the prevention of potholes, improving the skid resistance of the surface, and extending the life of the road



2013 IBEF Structural rehabilitation of the airport of Coche Island (Venezuela)

2013 IBEF Structural rehabilitation of the airport of Coche Island (Venezuela)