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Martes 26 de octubre:

Asphalt Emulsion Markets Worldwide
Etienne Le Bouteiller, IBEF

Bio-based Emulsifier for CRS Emulsions
Claude Giorgi, EIFFAGE

Impact of Emulsion Type on Cold-in-Place Recycled Asphalt Mixtures
Elie Hajj, University of Nevada, Reno

Application of Emulsion Technology to the Development of Cost Efficient Clear Surfacings – Case Studies
Jean Paul Fort, COLAS, Inc.

Uncovering the Science of Penetrating Prime Emulsions
Sallie Houston and Lise Deves, Arkema-Road Science

High Float Emulsions Residue: Its Unique Rheology and Microstructure
Justin Suda, McAsphalt Industries Limited

Miércoles 27 de octubre:

Polymer Modification Impact on Chip Seal Asphalt Binder Residue Aging and Laboratory Protocols Benjamin Roujolle, COLAS, Inc.

Cold-in-Place Recycling Mix Design Research: Sample Size and Conditioning
Edith Arambula-Merkado, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Performance of Grave Emulsions – Mix Design Impacts
Bruno Marcant, Valochem

Exploring the Workability of Asphalt Emulsion Stabilized Cold-in-Place Recycling
Sadie Casillas, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Jueves 28 de octubre:

High Performance Bond Coat Emulsion for High Stressed Pavement Layers Kanjana Yindee, SAMI Bitumen Technologies

Effects of Tack Coat Material Type and Application Rate on Pavement Performance Louay Mohammad, Louisiana State University

Fog Seal – Rejuvenating Sealer Aging Performance
Gerald Reinke, MTE Services, Inc.

Chip Seal – Processing and Application of HiMa Binders in Austria
Philippe Chifflet, Consulting Engineer

Design and Evaluation of the Performance of Micro Surfacing Systems Based on Rutting and Cracking Resistance of Mixtures
Dave Zhai, Idaho Asphalt