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The traditional company headquartered in Braunau / Inn (Austria) has been a renowned producer of road binders since 1928.

As a reliable partner of road administrations and construction companies, Vialit makes a significant contribution to the economic maintenance of


VIALAB is a French company specialized in the field of bitumen emulsions and has four main activities:

  • Selection and distribution of laboratory equipment dedicated to the study of emulsion parameters. We offer a selection of equipment to the producer

Patpribor Ltd

Patpribor Ltd. was established in 1995. The company began its activity as a representative of several European companies: manufacturers of test equipment for construction, laboratories, equipment and equipment for road maintenance and repair.

In 1997, Patpribor Ltd. started producing


ENFALT Emulsiyon with Asfalt Tesisleri A.S. manufactures emulsions of pure bitumens and bitumen modified with polymers. The company is based in Istanbul, Turkey.



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